‚Shards Of Light‘ is the debut album by the musical duo TransForMusic: Ayam (Israel) and ChrisTala (Germany). Ensuing tales of darkness and light allows a deeper exploration of the human condition, self-reflection, and self-realization of the human seeking soul.

The unique encounter of the ethnicity of Ayam’s Jewish – Israeli background, and ChrisTala German background, is blending the essence of the traditional and emotional creating and contemporary inspiration.

Though Ayam was spending most of her life building her career as a professional dance artist, dancing and performing in professional dance companies in Israel and Germany and developing her choreographical skills, creating performance art, and was working as a circus acrobat, and trained in acting and Jazz – Blues singing style, on the other hand, deepening in her own healing journey through shamanic work and self-realization, and self-reflection, breathwork, and a yoga certification.
And ChrisTala that was born and raised in a small village in the middle of Germany and was planned to work in agriculture in Malawi Africa, and at the same time learning and playing almost every possible musical instrument, composing and producing his own music, studying and deepening his knowledge in sound healing frequencies science and building his factory for healing overtone sound instruments.
Their musical connection and expression took place after they connected in a healing festival at the end of 2018, discovering their musical connection, and the healing potential of break boundaries between cultural and historical borders through music and sound.

They started to ruthlessly explore their inner geography, of their historical ancestral connection, the insecurities, and barriers between the cultures and their ancestors, and the darkness and light that made them discover the healing power of their music and lyrics. They are life partners and music partners, both parents and eager and passionate to use their powerful connection to bring more unity, love, transformation, and awakening for the sake of the next generations.

The fusion of Ayam’s quirky, emotive, and full of narratives – yet the never-ending spectrum of colors – soul – Jazz voice fused with ChrisTala’s complementary groovy beatbox, overtone voices, and melodic compositions are reflecting a brutally honest portrait of an inner world where shadows and hope, sanity and insanity dance magically together; where mysteries are unveiled.

Following a successful fundraising campaign (July 2020) in which almost
€10,000 were raised, they toured throughout Germany and played in some
of the most known healing festivals and events such as ‚Yoga United‘, „Ecstatic Dance“, „Agape Zoe“, alongside smaller gatherings and events such as „Tribal gathering of Berlin“, „United Babylon Israel“ \ Swiss, and further online festivals.
Their Single „El Na Cura Me“ was played in the Israeli Radio station „Olam Katan“ (Small world) curated by Ori Bankhalter.
They began to record their debut album in a new production studio, „Kolokiez“ with the producer Lukas Kolodinsky (Abbey Road Institute graduate), a process that took about seven months.

In these seven months, they were giving the songs the time to ripen. Lukas worked with great patience; Slowly opening a creative tunnel into Ayam & ChrisTala’s inner world and peeling back layers of doubts and resistance.
He took their raw talent and transformed them into a complete album.

Some acclaimed musicians joined them during these seven months and one at a time they colored the music with immense talent. Amongst them is classical violinist Aiken Aitaby, rising jazz talent saxophone player Milo Lombardi, electric guitar player Felix von der Mühlen, and rising young virtuosic keyboard player Theodore Striese, together with the multi-instrumental talents of ChrisTala playing acoustic guitar, drum set, bass, beatbox, and overtone atmospheric voices, and experimental percussions, combined with electronic sound media and textural soundscapes of the producer Lukas Kolodonski.
The album was intentionally recorded at 432hz instruments tuning. Unique atmospheric sounds were achieved using Monochord, Multichord string instruments, tambura, bells, gong, and more.

Together, this supergroup forged a tender mosaic, whispering witchy tales of dark and light resulting in a nostalgic, progressive, and
detailed production – a unique musical project that recalls the vocal witches of the West such as Bjork, kate Boosh, and soul groove goddesses Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse while following Ayam’s and ChrisTala roots fusion.

The album reveals an authentic and heartfelt search for light, depth, hope, and truth. It is a quest for art, love, and trust. A journey of the seeking soul into the stormy ocean of the inner realms that aims to take the listeners out of their comfort zone, and ask questions about identity, self-reflection, reincarnation, and dive into the human experience to its fullest expression.
It fulfills Ayam’s and ChrisTala’s wish to deeply touch and shake the audience, to stir and shift something within them, to speak of the uncomfortable, and reconnect to the subconscious mind, and their soul quest.