Shards of Light

>>Shards of Light is such a great song. You have a great voice, memorable and meaningful lyrics along with good instrumentals.<< LHMPR Radio On Air
>>It has everything a good song needs. It should be well received by music enthusiasts and a broad audience. The instumentals and vocals are of good quality, and they bring a specific atmosphere some listeners are looking for.<< Wolfrage Records
>>This sounds so sublime. Immersive and calming to listen to. I like it.<< Nirvana magazine
>>Angelic and ethereal reverb-soaked atmospheres contrast a gritty and warped vocal layering throughout the whole five minutes and change here—coasting on abstract and de-constructed melodies, creating an invasive and suffocated feel, albeit without undermining this cut’s soft charm as a whole.<< Everything Must Swing
>>“Shards of Light“ is an awesome track with cool chord progressions, acoustic guitar sounds, very solid main vocals, and ethereal back vocals. An extraordinary track perfect for my taste.<< clouzine

>>Great track, really cool vocals and great flow, superb! Expecting great things with this one!<< deeplomatic records

So Hum

>>“So Hum“ is a very laid-back and smooth-flowing song. The instrumentation utilized fits the storyline perfectly. The dreamy nature is extremely soothing to the ears. The sax excerpts are a nice touch. Nice work.<< Allure Media Entertainment Group

>>I enjoyed „So Hum“ just a much as I did „Shards of Light“ I love the professional-sounding voice, the heartfelt and memorable lyrics. I add So Hum to the LHMPR Radio On Air Spotify Playlist.<< LHMPR Radio On Air

>>Your song is just beautiful, it’s like listening to a storyteller. Besides streaming it should also fit in videos and movies. Keep up the good creative work!<< Wolfrage Recordings

>>“So Hum“ starts softly with reversed instruments transforming into an ethnic-sounding stylish ballad with a unique mix and blend of styles from folk, acoustic to some jazzy interludes. Excellent work and thanks for sharing this unique song!<< Tan Ses, Clouzine Magazine

Debut Album 2021

Our Debut Album is about to be finished soon. After our Crowdfunding in July 2020 we started working on our song compositions and recorded for you 9 versatile tracks. We are proud to present you the finished Cover Art done by Dilan Silas.

The Release of the Album is starting in May 2021. 

Album Cover Shards of light

"shards of light"