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Together we are TransForMusic

Are you on the journey of your heart vision?

Here is what we found is our gift to contribute to our cocreation as human beings in this time of spiritual awekening of mankind.

Enjoy the following presentation of our beloved ambitions.

>>The voice is to sing, bless and prosper.<<

We are musicians creating authentic ways to release our art for healing.

Inspired from shamanic and native traditional initiations and healing music like mantras, spiritual songs of all traditions worldwide and modern electronic variable music, as well as jazz, blues and rock’n’roll, we have a wide range of possibilities to compose, interweave and play music for many occasions.

about us

ChrisTala is a Sound Healing Journey facilitator. A versatile musician, sacred space holder, and music instruments carpenter.
He plays on many instruments such as Drum set, percussion, guitar, flute, harmonium, and he specialized in percussion, monochord and overtone singing.

His main healing practice is the Monochord – The sound healing instrument, and he gives private sound massages sessions and sound journeys.

He runs a Sound-Healing Project called “Klangraum Witzenhausen“, where he and his team are holding a sound massage training, instrument building workshops, sound journey and community events.

He is an open-hearted, caring, gentle space holder who serves for the benefit of healing and transformation.

Ayam is a musician, singer songwriter, dancer, teacher, space holder, and performer of different forms of performance art and healing practices.

She explores the connection between healing and performance through the expression of dance, voice and sound. After many years as a professional dancer, acrobat and singer, she heard the call to follow her heart mission of the medicine path, shamanic work, sound healing, and medicine music.

She continued her formation in different healing practices of the body and the voice through kirtan singing, Yoga, Shamanic trance drumming, and is integrating it in her artistic work. She writes and composes soul music intuitively and works with voice – body improvisation shamanic drumming, and sound healing.

Her passion is to explore the connection between heart and art in performance, healing and somatic practices and to hold space for transformation, and healing processes, to offer her gifts to inspire people to find trust and freedom in the body and the voice that are serving transformative processes.

She is offering : Body – Voice practice for professional and non professional dancers, wild woman dance ritual, sound journeys, dance journeys, Yoga, Pilates, and is passionate to share from her heart and dive together into your soul journey .

Peace –

We produce and release original tracks since 2019 and have been playing at festivals and private occasions.

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As we are not yet signed to a lable we are currently spending our money to invest in our song recordings and building up our projects.

You can help us by donating for our album production this year. We are very thankful for every support, moneywise, in physical help or energetically.

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