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Our crowdfunding campaign is starting 13|07|2020 on indiegogo

We are raising funds on the platform indiegogo to realize our debut music album „COME BACK“.

The campaign starts on monday, july the 13. 2020 and we are very excited to present you our gifts in a fresh and unique way.

Right now we are setting everything in place and creating materials and the perks to let you receive rewarding features. Be part of this amazing experience.

Donations are possible starting at 13.07.20

Indiegogo is an internet platform to realize projects by asking people to contribute money and by doing so helping to realize amazing ideas.

You can donate an amount of your free choice or book one perk which will let you  receive our talents personally – like LIVE lessons.

Any further news will be shown on our website here. You can also suscribe with your email and we will guide you through the course.

Our music on soundcloud

>>music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between cultural and historical borders<<

TransForMusic is a New World music with contemporary experimental influences. combining shamanic beats and raggae groove with a jazz-Bluese flavour, Ayam’s penetrating pure and emotive voice is weaving with ChrisTala’s groovy beat box and deep overtone.
TransforMusic is a unique project of music, sound, voice and dance. The co-creation of ChrisTala (Germany) and Ayam (Israel) has become a mission to use the music as a tool for transformation, Exepantion, trust and awakening..
We feel that our sociopolitical backround is the fuel that feeds the fire of our passion to reach and touch human hearts, and open human minds, as well as sending a message of unity and healing to expand the global social consciousness.
„We believe that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between cultural and historical borders“.
We create music, dance, performance, poetry. medicine music for the seeking soul, poetic dance and performances and facilitate sound journeys, music concerts, performances, events and workshops.

ChrisTala is a Sound Healing Journey facilitator. A versatile musician, sacred space holder, and music instruments carpenter.
He plays on many instruments such as Drum set, percussion, guitar, flute, harmonium, and he specialized in percussion, monochord and overtone singing.

His main healing practice is the Monochord – The sound healing instrument, and he gives private sound massages sessions and sound journeys.

He runs a Sound-Healing Project called “Klangraum Witzenhausen“, where he and his team are holding a sound massage training, instrument building workshops, sound journey and community events.

He is an open-hearted, caring, gentle space holder who serves for the benefit of healing and transformation.

Ayam is a musician, singer songwriter, dancer, teacher, space holder, and performer of different forms of performance art and healing practices.

She explores the connection between healing and performance through the expression of dance, voice and sound. After many years as a professional dancer, acrobat and singer, she heard the call to follow her heart mission of the medicine path, shamanic work, sound healing, and medicine music.

She continued her formation in different healing practices of the body and the voice through kirtan singing, Yoga, Shamanic trance drumming, and is integrating it in her artistic work. She writes and composes soul music intuitively and works with voice – body improvisation shamanic drumming, and sound healing.

Her passion is to explore the connection between heart and art in performance, healing and somatic practices and to hold space for transformation, and healing processes, to offer her gifts to inspire people to find trust and freedom in the body and the voice that are serving transformative processes.

She is offering : Body – Voice practice for professional and non professional dancers, wild woman dance ritual, sound journeys, dance journeys, Yoga, Pilates, and is passionate to share from her heart and dive together into your soul journey .

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You can donate any time to us via PayPal. We use all donations to produce our music album „COME BACK“ in the highest professional quality for your joy and as our contribution to the global conciousness shift.

Thank you very much.

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